Roguelike-2019 Devlog

This is a complete listing of all posts related to r/roguelikedev’s 2019 tutorial event. Mostly this is just so I have something convenient to link on other sites after this all gets pushed off the front page.

  • GitHub repo
  • Week 2: Sanding Some Edges – Basic odds and ends from between where the tutorial stopped and my own work began. Most interesting part: a method for adding components without having to edit the Entity initializer every stinking time.
  • Week 3: The Wraith – Possibly the best post in the entire series. Introduces not only the Wraith, but all the groundwork needed to make the Wraith happen.
  • n steps forward, n-1 steps back – Stairs are surprisingly hard, and refactoring was surprisingly fun.
  • The Beginning of the End – Creating a win condition and then laying out what challenges I see for myself for the rest of this challenge
  • Blocked – Me moping that I didn’t get anything done in the intervening week. I only posted this because I was posting every week. I didn’t even like it enough to link it in the reddit comment thread. Only listed for completeness.
  • Back on the Horse – I managed to turn productive again and implement most of the stuff I’d been hyping up in the previous two posts (Necromancer monster, overhauled combat system)
  • It’s Over! – Final polish on the combat system, and a detailed discussion of randomly-generated loot

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