Roguelike Tutorial: Blocked

Last time I mostly wrote about the roadblocks I was stumbling over. This post is going to be short because I haven’t committed a single line of code since then. In addition to the roadblocks themselves I had some unexpected life obligations come up and gotten practically no work done on the codebase itself. I did find the opportunity to brainstorm for awhile, miles away from my computer, so most of my “progress” has been on paper.

I do still plan to “finish” the game by the end of the reddit event, which looks to be wrapping up within a week or two. That’s close enough that I can decide what constitutes a finished game. So, my current goals:

Wontfix: Text Boxes

I’m done trying to noodle through consoles any further unless I finish everything else on this list, at minimum.

Jazz up the Escape

Right now the trip back up the dungeon adds nothing that wasn’t there on the way down. This is almost always boring. I have some ideas to fix it, though I’m not sure which is best and all will be a bit of an undertaking.

The first is a “summoner” or even “necromancer” monster. This would add extra monsters to chase down the player on the way out. The downside of this approach is that the player could potentially still run away, so it might take some effort to make this interesting rather than a non-factor or an annoyance.

The second is collapsing tunnels which could possibly force the player down a specific route. This has the downside of doing nothing on a floor that was already cleared, as well as needing additional code to make sure I don’t trap the player entirely.

Another possible option may be to change the monster AI if they have the chalice so that all monsters hunt down the player. This again does nothing on already-cleared floors but could add some danger to floors that the player didn’t fully explore or clear.


I have to change this. Much of my brainstorming time was spent poring over tabletop RPG sourcebooks for inspiration. After a lot of careful thought I’m probably just going to strip down d20 3.5 as a starting point and then tweak it until I have something that even halfway works. This is where all my actual coding time has gone this week. The most interesting non-obvious observation is that the current engine has no concept of a “miss” (only attacks whose base damage is mitigated by armor) so I’ll have to rewrite enough of the game to accommodate that before I start tweaking numbers.


The git repo currently outright states that I have made no attempt to make the game run on any machine other than my own. I’ll include as this goal “runs on at least one machine other than my own” which basically means seeing if I can get one of Python’s Windows executable generators to work.

I have no finished code right now, but I do have the sense of direction that comes with an impending deadline. We’ll see what happens next week.

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